Annual Reports professionally designed

Annual Reports professionally designed are eye-catching. Professional designs engage the reader. Clean simple designs are perfect to display facts and figures.


We lay out your Annual Report or other publication in a clean easy-to-read format. We use an innovative design that engages the reader. Images and text elements are carefully arranged on each page. This creates effective visual communication. Choice of fonts and colour palettes depends (to some extent) on your branding requirements. 

Effective communication and design for Annual Reports

Annual Reports – clean and simple design. Typically Annual Reports include the following elements:

Annual Reports – Professionally designed, conveys your message to the reader.

Clear communication effectively communicates the Company’s financial performance, goals and achievements.

Visual appeal means a clean, simple layout with engaging graphics, charts, graphics and carefully selected imagery.

Annual Reports with a clean and simple design should tell a compelling story.

Financial Information includes detailed financial statements, balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements need to be presented in a clean, simple layout design that Investors can easily understand.

About the design team


Jenny Palmer Graphics is a provider on the All of Government (AoG) Design Services panel.

Based near Nelson – but serving clients throughout NZ, Jenny Palmer Graphics is a small design company committed to delivering quality graphic design.

Whatever your creative project we will work with you to achieve a competitive and effective solution that you are happy with. This includes delivery to you on time with an affordable, out-of town price tag.We have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of great companies – government departments, corporates and small or medium-sized businesses (and startups). Regardless of the size of your business, contact us to talk over your graphic design project. You may like to take a look at our portfolio to see some of the things we do.


It’s fairly straightforward …You tell us what you would like to achieve, communicating your ideas and objectives. We listen, assess your requirements, advise you how we may be able to help, and offer a quote.If you’re happy with the quote, we creatively process and build on your ideas – thinking ‘two heads are often better than one’. (Nobody knows your business like you do!) Then, using our own experience, knowledge and a touch of creative wizardry we will offer plenty of additional ideas of our own. You will always be presented with several options. Our goal is to reach a solution that not only you are happy with, but one that is original and communicates effectively. It is important to us that both you and we are happy with the whole solution.