Journal design, along with other publications is an important part of our regular work For NZ Institute of Forestry.

Journal, NZIF: Graphic design and layout of NZIF

We can meet to chat or communicate solely online. But first, you tell us what you think you would like to achieve by communicating your ideas and objectives. We listen and assess your requirements and then offer a quote. If you accept the quote, then we creatively process, and build on your ideas.We think ‘two heads can sometimes be better than one’.  Your ideas are important since nobody knows your business like you do! Then, using our experience, knowledge and a touch of creative wizardry we will offer more ideas of our own. You will always be offered several options. Our goal is to reach a solution that not only you are happy with but one that is original and communicates effectively in today’s world – and with no intimidating price tag! It is important to us that you are happy with the whole solution.

Conference Journal, NZIF

From individuals and small startup companies to larger corporates and Government Departments, we can help with your projects.

Services include:

Journal NZIF Logo Design and Brand Identity: an icon and style that represents your business so that your message reaches your target audience and your business stands competitively in the marketplace

Stationery – Business Cards, Compliment Slips and Letterheads:</strong> using your logo we develop your branding and specific style to design your stationery

Brochures and Postcards: a simple, handy way to keep your customers informed of your products and services

Advertising: use newspaper or more specific publications like journals or specialised magazines to convey your message

Newletters: regular newsletters keep your target audience informed and up-to-date

Catalogues:to present your products to your customers


Conference and Display Banners: roll-up banners for easy carriage to the Conference or more permanent display banners for the workplace

Other services include illustration technical/scientific illustration and specialised diagrams, charts, maps.

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