Logo design: myECE Parents’ Award

Logo design for companies, corporates or organisations. Example shows Logo design: myECE Parents’ Award which ties in with the myECE logo.


We can help with logo design and new branding …

If you need a completely new logo and branding or perhaps your logo needs a refresh, we can work with you to create a graphic solution that will effectively communicate in today’s world.

… or we can work with your current branding

Is your branding still effective and captivates your target audience? We are always happy to work within the parameters of good branding on any of your graphic design projects.

We will ensure that your branding is applied consistently across all marketing material according to guidelines and brand strategy.


How we can help …

Effective branding will help you stand ahead of your competition. We can work with you to build your identity – ‘a visual experience’ or ‘story’ that will be memorable to potential clients or your target audience. Usually we would start with the logo.

A distinctive logo represents your company or product and forms the focal point for your brand. But your logo alone is not enough – it needs the help of other design features. By adding an attractive colour palette, carefully chosen fonts and imagery that your client can connect with, your brand identity will start to emerge.

Branding is aimed directly at your target audience/prospective customers. It tells them about you (or your product) and what you have to offer.

Consistently applied across digital and printed collateral, advertising, signage, vehicle graphics, etc – your branding will show that you are credible and established. From this credibility a trust in your brand begins to form.

Trust in your brand will encourage repeat business and loyal client relationships. Branding can encourage loyalty from employees as well.

These are in-house benefits. Good branding can give employees a sense of belonging and the opportunity to identify as part of ‘the team’. They feel more involved with the product or company. It gives them a sense of pride – something more than an everyday job can offer. For example, branded clothing items such as T-shirts, caps, aprons and overalls can improve job satisfaction for employees and contribute to the visual impact of your brand.